The ENERGY FOR MAYORS project was unique. It was the first IEE co-funded project which not only supported local authorities in engaging in local climate action, but also assisted their partners - Covenant Coordinators (CC) and Supporters (CS) - to optimize the support that they provide to municipalities. The project contributed to the successful implementation of the Covenant of Mayors and reaching EU climate & energy goals by achieving following results:

  • More than 500 people with improved capacity to act 
  • 180 new municipalities joining the Covenant of Mayors
  • 81 municipalities accompanied with their SEAP development and implementation
  • 30 Energy Days organized in the project regions
  • 15 partners from 8 countries closely cooperating
  • 8 pilot Energy Management Systems (EnMS) implemented
  • 7 National Woring Groups of CC&CS created
  • 1 cool Toolbox created to centralize useful resources
  • 1 Support Package created for CC&CS
  • 1 Strengthened Covenant of Mayors initiative, benefiting from this project
  • New Covenant Coordinators and Supporters created to help municipalities
  • Uncountable benefits for each community - from energy and financial savings to a better quality of life for citizens!

Interested to join the Covenant of Mayors as Covenant Coordinator or Supporter? See here

    See our movie to learn more about the project and the role of Covenant Coordinators and Supporters:

    ENERGY FOR MAYORS video clip (long)

    ENERGY FOR MAYORS video clip (short)