One of the main tasks of the Covenant Signatories is organization of Energy Days engaging citizens in sustainable energy actions. Active involvement of different stakeholders is essential for successful development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), which concerns both public and private sector.

An Energy Day is a local event that aims at raising public awareness of issues such as energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and the links  between energy and climate change. The event can take different forms. It can include activities such as workshops, exhibitions, study visits, open-door days, forums, competitions for schools and general public, etc. Often Energy Days are linked to other popular local events to gain a wider audience.

Many different groups are involved in Energy Days, including schools and kindergartens, local businesses, local media, NGOs and general public. Especially important is engagement of children and youths who have the largest potential to change their energy habits and encourage their families to do the same.

Within the ENERGY FOR MAYORS project over 30 local Energy Days were organised in different regions of Europe. They helped local authorities to:

  • present their engagement in supporting the EU climate and energy goals at the local level;
  • strengthen ties with citizens and involve them in the implementation of local climate and energy policy and actions;
  • promote sustainable energy use;
  • show citizens how to save  energy in everyday life.

In each case the Energy Days helped to increase energy awareness of different groups pf stakeholders in a fun way.

Some practical tips concerning organization of Energy Days:
  • Promote the event in the media BEFORE and share results AFTER it takes place,
  • Join Energy Days with other local events to get a wider audience and higher visibility,
  • Actively involve children and young people as they have the largest potential to change their energy habits and encourage their families to do the same,
  • Invite cooperation from different local partners and sponsors,
  • Present modern RES and energy-saving technologies,
  • Disseminate energy-related gadgets like energy-saving bulbs, brochures with tips on how to save energy, solar flashlights, etc.,
  • Organize open air events,
  • Use many promotional tools and information materials,
  • Invite people to visit local RES insallations and see themselves how these work,
  • Involve famous people (e.g. local bands, sportsmen, actors),
  • Choose the timing and location carefully.

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